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27 Years Ago – July 1989 Motor Trend

All of the July issues of the mainstream auto magazines in 1989 had a cover article on a brand new car model from Mazda. After thumbing through all of them I could find on the shelf of the local Food Lion, I chose the Motor Trend to take home and read. I still have it.

I’ve included the add for the BMG Compact Disc Club for an additional bit of nostalgia. At one time I was a member (probably in tandem along with the Columbia House one too.)

This Mazda RX-3 Is Ready for Anything

“My car is a perfect example of me, in a sense of—it’s no frills. When you look at the car, and know it’s about business,” says Savant Young. “I carry the same demeanor myself—when you get locked in a cage with someone else, business needs to be done at that point.”

For mixed martial artist Young, martial arts and cars have much more in common than you may first think. They both enjoy strong, inclusive communities, both have their highs and lows, and both provide a rewarding challenge that can last a lifetime. “It’s a labor of love in both aspects,” Young says.

Young’s car of choice is a 1973 Mazda RX-3, a car he calls Mazda’s “enforcer”, because it was brought out to compete with sports cars from Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. It’s been extensively modified, and from its aerospace-grade braking system to its Toyota pickup truck rear end, it’s prepared to be a thrilling canyon companion. Young estimates the rotary is pushing out an “all business” 400 horsepower.

“There is an emotional connection. I like to be seen in the car, I like people to ask me about it, and tell me stories of how their uncle had one, because that’s how I came across it, it was through my uncle.”

“I work hard Monday through Friday, and I drive my car every weekend,” Young says. “If there’s a car show, I swear I’m probably out there most of the day, drinking beer and cleaning the car. It’s therapeutic…”

Drive Tastefully®

Everybody Respects A Bloody Nose

Jerry Seinfeld drives J.B. Smooth to get some coffee in a 1964 Studebaker Avanti.

1964Studebaker Avanti

Watch It!

July 7th Meeting Minutes

When: July 7th, 2016

Where: Longhorn Steakhouse, Aiken

Who: Brian and Donna Bogardus, Don and Kay Boltz, Mike and Shirley Dyer, Thomas and Jennie Hodges and their Grandson Caleb, Dennis and Karol Mason, Hal and Trudy Scott, Karl Splan, Bob and Pat Tarrant, Tom Varallo, Ralf and Annie Wilms, new members Don and Sherry Nesbitt, and John and Teri Bozzarrello.

We all ordered our food and ate. By then the restaurant had cleared out a bit and Tom called the meeting to order. Dinner and service were both very good. Thanks to Karl Splan for planning this dinner.

Treasurer’s Report: Started at $1626.63. Income from Dues Payments: $40.00; no expenditures, the balance comes to $1666.63.


  • Tom has put together some business cards with our website, to give to people who own Miata’s that may be interested in joining. See Tom if you would like some.
  • See Dennis for name-tags
  • New club merchandise is available: Pins are $3 each; “Support Vehicle” car magnets $25 per pair, canvas tote/shopping bag $20 each. The 3” window stickers have come in and are available now. Coffee mugs available from http://www.cafepress.com/+masters-miata+mugs

Communigraphics in North Augusta has our logo, for $8 you can have it embroidered on just about anything.

  • 2016 Christmas Party set for Dec 9th at Woodside Plantation Clubhouse. Thanks to Shirley Dyer and John and Kathy Omerod for setting this up.
  • Reminder that dues for calendar year 2016 became delinquent on June 30th – Once paid this will bring you to paid up through December. Thank you for your support!

Club Business:

Tom sent out e-mail about a proposal to change the bylaws, we would like your votes. We took a vote at this meeting for people present BUT voting is open by e-mail until midnight July 17th.

When we voted to change the club fiscal year to match the calendar year, we should have also voted to change the term of the officers to match but did not. Then we didn’t vote on new officers in June as we should have (according to the existing bylaws). Now we need to rectify the situation.

Tom proposed the following change:

  1. Accept the change to the bylaws that Tom sent in the e-mail. These changes incorporate the changes to the bylaws (change fiscal year to match calendar year), but also incorporates changing the officers term to match the fiscal year (instead of leaving the officers terms June-May).
  2. Accept the current officer’s term to continue until a new vote can be held. At that point new officer’s terms will begin no later than Jan 2017. At that point officers will be voted in and their term will run from January to December each year.

Tom also requests you vote on one of the next two proposals:

a. Hold a vote for officers, elections to be completed by the 4 August meeting. This vote will install the officers with terms of 1 Jan 2017 to 31 December 2017. (Tom solicitated nominees in an e-mail.)

b. Nominate new officers in November, their terms will begin 1 Jan 2017 and continue until 31 December 2017.

Please vote on the the above 3 items (only one vote per couple/membership):

Yes or No To #1 above.

Yes or No To #2 above.

Selection a. or b. above.

Your vote should look like – Yes (or no), Yes (or no), a. (or b.). Thank you for your participation!!!

Tom would also like to update the bylaws by the end of the year– mainly to reflect the votes above, but also to update the language and to define how voting is to take place and what is required for a winning vote. Tom would appreciate help doing this from someone who has been a club member 5 years or longer. But he could also use help from at least one more member (not necessary to be a 5 year member). If you would like to help in this effort, please contact Tom.

New Business/Upcoming calendar events:

  • Please welcome new members: Dick Larson, Mark Giddings, Don and Sherry Nesbitt, and John and Teri Bozzarrello (who have a 2016 Sol Red Miata). Sorry I don’t have info on the other new members Miata’s. 🙂
  • The 4 August dinner meeting will also be a planning meeting to plan future events. Please attend and bring your ideas for future drives, trips or places to eat.
  • Brian and Donna Borgardus are tentatively planning a drive to Deals Gap 4-6 November.
  • We are planning on doing Parade Laps at Road Atlanta 3-4 December, and maybe at Robling Roads Jan-Feb.

The following events are anticipated:

16 July Breakfast and Drive Tom Varallo
Also 16 July Cruise-in Edgefield Town Square Stacey Timmerman
4 August Dinner meeting
Triangle Restaurant, Johnson, SC
Bob Tarrant
6 August Coffee and Cars at the Columbia County Exhibition Center, Grovetown, GA
Held monthly on the first Saturday. See for more information https://www.facebook.com/CarsandCoffeeAugusta
On Your Own
20 August Bug Splat Brian and Donna Bogardus
1 September Dinner meeting TBD Open

Escape From Syosset

Jerry Seinfeld drives Judd Apatow to get some coffee in a 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible.

1968 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible

Watch It!