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Happy Birthday Cosmo

The Mazda Cosmo Sport, the company’s first sports car and the world’s first two-rotor Wankel automobile, debuted in 1964, with president Tsuneji Matsuda driving it himself into the Tokyo Motor show. After the debut, Hsu says, it took the 47 Samurai three years and 80 test cars to “hammer out the rotary’s gremlins,” after which the Cosmo went on sale in Japan on May 30, 1967. And even though fewer than 1,200 were ever built, the engineering that went into that car changed Mazda forever.

If you would rather look at a video of the car without Jay Leno talking, just some trippy jazz – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq8Iv_0zAO8 (I’m really partial to those floor mats.)

Or if you would really rather just 3 minutes of Cosmo Kramer entering apartment 5A – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZP8ff8yvKw

Road Trip MX-5 Miata - Corse 2016

Here is another family adventure, two brothers take a ferry to Corsica and drive their MX-5 around on the island.

Oh, and I’m sorry, I just realized when posting this, that I somehow inadvertently pasted a photo instead of the video in last week’s Drive-In feature. It’s fixed now, so if you are interested…An Endless Family Adventure

An Endless Family Adventure

Enough about watches, this week we fall back to an old stand-by, a Petrolicious video. We are in France, so click on the the CC button to get the captions or not, sometimes the pictures and a voice used with automotive passion is just right.

Not A Car Video

Something different this week from the usual drive-in post, instead of a guy talking about cars, here is a guy talking about watches. It is not totally unrelated to the automobile though, because Ted Gushue is the Editorial Director of the place I get a lot of the videos from, Petrolicious.

The Pao

It Isn’t A Sports car, Exotic, Or Pedigree Rich Racer, It’s Just Different. This week we squeeze into an unusual Japanese car: a 1989 Nissan Pao. The smitten owner of this adorable compact city car, Godis Sanchez, tells us what it was about the pastel teal retro-mobile that lured him.

Editor Note:
I have always had a soft spot for weird Japanese cars and while this car is so cute it is cool, I really love a Figaro which literally looks like it was snatched from a kids comic book and brought to life. When I saw this Petrolicious video I rekindled my desire to visit Japan Direct Motors. This time instead of email, I called. I didn’t get the owner (he was on vacation) but did speak to one of his sales guys who promised to pass along my request to him when he gets back. The owner in this video mentions how rare and special his poa is and while it may be special, it can’t be too rare as Japan Direct Motors has not only one, but two for sale (and a real live Figaro too.)

Mr. Cobra

Lynn Park knows all there is to know about the Shelby Cobra – he knows where they all are, the best examples of them and how to drive them. We got some face time with the King of Cobra.

Miata Plow vs Blizzard

Waited a long time to try this thing out, would have hoped for something less than a foot of snow, but challenge accepted.

pt 2 https://youtu.be/kpO10Qb_YHA

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